Pro Series 2 Augers

Mini Excavators 750kg – 1 Tonne

The Pro series 2 Augers have been specifically designed to suit machines from 750kg up 1 Tonne capacity. All our Augers are available in multiple hub and tooth configurations to suit any condition.

Our class leading Augers have shallow pitch flights for maximum spoil conveyance and incorporate our PROCUT design.  This design means if your drilling with a 300mm Auger it will drill a 300mm Hole. The head also has optimised head angle  alignment to maximize wearpart life.

This coupled with our provisional patent PROLOCK retention system ensures no unintentional dislodging of your teeth so they stay in the Auger where they belong.

The standard hub on this range is a 50mm Round, however we are happy to customise your order to suit your needs.

All our gear is Australian designed for the toughest conditions

Pro Series 2 Range